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I am a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. I graduated from one of the top coaching schools in the country, the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy is led by world renowned doctors and practitioners in the functional medicine field. During my one-year, full time program, I was trained in all areas of functional medicine including functional nutrition, mind-body medicine, positive psychology and the art and science of coaching. 

Functional Medicine is the approach to health and wellness that understands how the body works as one whole entity, and that treating disease (dis-ease) or imbalance in the body begins with identifying root causes to bring about shift and change. My job as a functional medicine certified health coach is to walk by your side through transition. I understand that we all have our answers within ourselves, and it’s my job to be with you on the journey of

self-discovery by setting goals with soul. Whether it’s diet, weight loss, exercise, sleep, stress, physical, emotional or spiritual health my coach approach is simple: Find yourself and the rest will find you. 


My background in holistic and integrative health began at a very young age.

My uncle, Dr. Paul Kenyon, co-author of the book, Death by Root Canal, has been a highly sought after practicing Naturopathic Doctor for over 35 years. He has not only shaped and influenced my understanding of how the human body works on a physical realm, but he has also imparted his wisdom about how we are truly emotional and spiritual beings living in a physical form. I am familiar with holistic, integrative, and functional approaches and I enjoy not only discovering how to live in alignment with my own truth daily, but I am dedicated to helping others live that way as well. 

Prior to earning my certificate in functional medicine health coaching, I graduated from the University of Connecticut with my BA. My love of health and wellness for women fueled my passion to help others and I then proceeded to graduate from aesthetician school, reflexology school as well as completing certificates in both reiki and aromatherapy. I owned and operated a successful holistic day spa on Cape Cod for thirteen years until after the birth of my second child, my own personal health struggles set in when I suffered from severe adrenal fatigue. It was at this point in my life that I had to give up what I had created and learn my own life lesson: self-care. Through time, supplements, sleep, and numerous doctors visits to integrative, functional and holistic doctors I finally began to feel “more like myself” and I felt the calling to shift my energy into a place that made great sense: loving, nurturing and caring for others in a different approach. Functional Medicine Health Coaching. Exhale………….


I currently live with my two children (ages 10 and 13) and my shih tzu. I enjoy cooking, laughing, friendships and I’m a dedicated practicing yogini. I invite you to be open to embracing yourself and your path! My coaching skills will provide you with sacred space and support for optimal wellbeing, and I look forward honoring you and your ways to get to where you need to go.



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 In Love and Health,
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