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As a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach my job is to partner with you on your journey to personal self- discovery.  You will walk into wellness step by step by discovering your core “roots”. It is in that place where together we will explore your internal wisdom where your answers reside, and with focus and goals we will co-create a wellness vision plan. This personalized plan will empower you with the right tools you need by providing you with healing strategies that are essential to your optimal wellness. With each milestone of self- discovery you will be moving towards a state of thriving and your limitless power will soar! I invite you to walk your way into wellness being fearless, and I look forward to being part of your journey with you.

"I reached all my goals working with Kristen as my health coach.
She helped me accomplish healthier eating, weight loss, improved energy and the ability to recognize when stress was affecting me in a negative way."

-Audrey S.

"Kristen is joyful, positive, kind and she is excellent at listening. She encouraged me to take baby steps and she would always "meet me where I was at." Kristen was great at reframing things for me, helped me with accountability, and she was always present and focused on my progress. As a coach she will go the extra mile for you, and I could always feel her rooting for me!"

- Lee Anne P.

"Kristen looks at the full picture, rather than just zero-ing in on food and eating.
She understands that there are many forces and factors that contribute to overall well being that shouldn’t be ignored. Kristen is really understanding and open to allowing the discussion to go in any direction and through coaching, I found an accountability partner with Kristen. She would encourage me to look into what was causing me to feel the way I did. I would come up with goals at the end of each session that I would work on leading up to our next session, and finally I was taking action. I now have the tools and knowledge about myself that I didn't have before to put myself back on track."
- Kelly M. 
“I was excited to have the opportunity to work with a Functional Health Coach and once I got to know Kristen as my coach, I became even more excited! I am a Type 1 diabetic, amputee, blind and I have also had a kidney transplant. Having Kristen as my health coach has helped me overcome obstacles, and she has encouraged me to look at ways that food can nourish and heal my body, the importance of movement, and what support systems I can rely on when facing challenges. What helps me most are her
gentle approaches such as “exploring this” or “maybe thinking” about that, and she always has some great questions! I truly love Kristen’s enthusiasm, coaching techniques, and she is very knowledgeable and kind.”

- Miriam O.

From the start, Kristen’s enthusiasm and energy were contagious. Her light touch kept our coaching sessions fun and encouraged our insightful discussions. Kristen guided me through making some significant changes to my diet and eating habits. She helped me explore the forces behind my poor eating choices such as habits, family and expectations. Kristen’s holistic approach to self-improvement gave me insight into my challenges and possibilities. Working with Kristen as my coach, I was able to

give up my excuses and begin to make smart choices. I’m so thankful for my sessions with Kristen and highly recommend her coaching.


– Linda F.



EAT              MOVE               HYDRATE             SLEEP 



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